Terminal Boredom

Well I knew it would happen at some point, and it did.

oh my god i’m fucking sick of this generation’s mentality that your sadness is beautiful and somebody will fix you and all this fucking john green shit nobody will find you in a bookstore reading bukowski and want to lie with you and nobody will kiss your scars and you will not be like effie and freddie you’ve got to be your own fucking hero and surround yourself with positivity

So an 8 or so year old girl at work asked me out of the blue if I was Catholic, and my unprepared, panicky and immediate response was to reply “I’m awesome!” before fleeing up to the other end of the pool while she proceeded to ask the girl next to her if she was Catholic.
I’m so glad I didn’t let slip one of my most common lines when I’m working: “Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnope!!!”
If I had that would have been super awkward.
Guess I’m now religious. I wonder how many people write their religion as “Awesome” when it comes to census time.


paul s. kemp gives us a deep insight into writing lords of the sith


paul s. kemp gives us a deep insight into writing lords of the sith

I am currently dealing with my failings by listening to folk metal and imagining conversations in my head.






Don’t Be That Guy.

Great campaign! Great point!

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Always important!

Don’t be that person, whoever you are!

Life isn’t always so predictable. I accidentally smashed my favourite shot glass when I was completely sober. I was cleaning it when it slipped. I guess such things happen when handling wet glass.

But alas, now I need another shot glass with the Imperial insignia on it. =(

I hope the person on Etsy who I got it from sells them individually as well.

Shit happens.

Only one in cinema. Not always so awkward, but it is when you know the guy cleaning everything after a quick changeover of movies. It is the kind of person you knew over a decade ago, and know who each other are (eg facebook friends) but not well enough to acknowledge each other. Every time you encounter this person the same thing happens, making it harder and harder to break the cycle.

Dammit, someone else is now in here. No more singing to the Coldplay coming over the speakers.

I know I have said it many a time, but Porcupine Tree makes me nostalgic. Potentially more so than any other band. Linkin Park always has the potential to take me back to anywhere from Year 6 to the present, but not with the same ferocity as Porcupine Tree.

Porcupine Tree hit me like a brick in the face. I was in the car with my sister and her then bf (now fiance) on the way back from Rouse Hill, after getting a PS2 from his brother on the last day of his job. I was shown Trains and Lazarus, I think, I can’t remember which, but I was shown two songs. After that I had a handful of songs I fell in love with before I got my hands on their (at the time) most recent three albums. It was 2009, Year 11. Now, if I listen to PT, there is always a chance that I will be hit with a nostalgia brick. Often to Jindabyne (especially Arriving Somewhere But Not Here, which I listened to every morning on the way to Blue Cow with Greg) but most often it is just a feeling. Not an emotion, because I doubt that “Year 11” could be called an emotion all by itself. I have a feeling which I associate with both that year and Porcupine Tree, which in mere months climbed to the top of my last.fm list, and with numerous 10+minute songs, almost caught up to Linkin Park and Blink 182, which I’d been listening to for years before, and both feature mostly 3-4 minute songs.

I found that the music connected with my overly-emotional and empty-feeling self. I can now associate it with my failings of that year, my attachments, my denials and my introduction to my vice.

I have not ever fallen so deeply in love with a band in memory in my life. I have quickly become obsessed with bands, but never like this. Now it has its own feeling. The feeling is a mix of emotions, but seeing as I used to be obsessed with nostalgia it is its own trip back in itself, and one I perhaps need to take every now and again to remind myself of who I was, what I was, what I did wrong and how I can better myself.

On a somewhat related note, I ran into someone I have not seen for 3 years, and not spoken to for over 2. It made me very happy, but upon realising that they still want nothing to do with me it made me pretty sad, but I understand why. I only wish I could tell them that.

Here, have some sporadic thoughts

The immensity of the task that is preparing for leaving the country is starting to worry me. My current obstacle is getting my wisdom teeth out. That is next month.
I need to get back into the habit of to-do lists, even if just to try and beat back my mounting paranoia.
Aside from wisdom teeth, renewing my Austswim is a nightmare. Seriously, I’m freaking out about getting my training with babies done. I need to master it and get my certificate before I leave, so essentially this month to make sure I get the certificate before I leave.



Why do people sexualize boobs when we could be doing this with them

i cant stop laughing

Haven’t tumbled in a while. I only pressed the icon because I wasn’t ready to watch the latest Vikings yet, but now that I’m here, I’ll say that last night was a fantastic venture. Small, seemingly wrong decisions ended up being the exact decisions needed that led to a night of hilarity. I never go out, so this made it even more fantastic.
I regret nothing! My neck is sore from some headbanging (that’s what happens when a band plays Blink 182 and then The Living End) I spent most of the day recovering, and I had some good conversations that I always thought would never be brought up (again).
Fantastic night. I hope there can be another like it sometime before I leave the country.

I was going to go to bed, but then Tool came on shuffle. Their songs go for ages, so I ended up on tumblr. I don’t have much to say. Got an extra shift at work, so I’m less concerned about money for ‘Murica, at least until I get closer and freak out anyway. I still have no idea what I’m doing after I leave camp. I’ll visit a theme park or two in the last week before I return to Aus for sister’s wedding. I’ve now left the first week free for potential NY shenanigans, and the chance of exploring with newfound friends. I am so unorganised. Chilled, yes, but unorganised is much more honest.


i know it’s an adaptation and changing tons of things up

but never forget that Days of Future Past is a story that follows Kitty Pryde but instead the movies are making it follow Wolverine

But the reason they are doing that is because nobody would recognise her. They’ve seen Wolverine before, and that small detail could be the difference between someone believing him or not.
I haven’t read it, but now I really want to.