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Sir Ian McKellen came to visit Chew Valley School on 17th October 2014. He had this important message for the students gathered outside the library to catch a glimpse of the actor and Stonewall champion. (X)

Star Wars VII might have a leading lady as the main character. That’s something I’ve taken away from the leaked concept art (which makes me SO happy, like holy interdictor, not a crashed victory or imperial II class, an actual interdictor!!!) and it makes me really excited and happy. What I’m not happy with is Marvel getting the comics. Why? Ania Solo!!! Legacy with Cade was AMAZING! Now they are cutting Ania off before her time!! It’s heartbreaking! If they were going to give her as many issues as the first Legacy they could have done so much!!
I bought the humble bundle today, though I’ve read a decent chunk of what they had to offer. I don’t care. I’m planning on one day owning the entire Legacy collection, and maybe Kotor as well. I enjoyed those as well, but nothing has been Legacy so far.
Time to read more X-Wing: Wraith Squadron.


if your teenage years are meant for experimenting with relationships i’m fucked

Because I hate spoilers, I won’t reblog the post I just saw commending American Horror Story on their plot twists.
Like, holy crap, the moment of realisation in season 1 (there is a specific one) hasn’t really been matched as far as I can remember.
And I’m loving this new season so far, but my favourite season is definitely 3. Coven was amazing.

Of Games…And Not Much Else

In the last few weeks I have spent more time playing video games than I have in a long time, probably since the Halo:Reach days of 2011. While there isn’t anything like Gruntocalypse and getting 100 headshots in one game of firefight as per the daily challenge then playing about a dozen rounds of infection or SWAT or a healthy mix of the two, I have still spent a lot of time not doing anything else. I have taken many a reading break, because The Blinding Knife is amazing.
Destiny is no Halo, but damn is it satisfying getting all those headshots, especially with a legendary handcannon. Not long until the Halo multiplayer obsession starts all over again, but without the awesome armour or ranking mechanics of Reach (or infection) but with a metric fucktonne of maps and memories to relive. Halo 3 on Guardian, Halo CE on Hang ‘Em High, etc. Man, running for the sword on The Pit. Memories from high school right there.
It might take a while for matchmaking to work nicely, due to the sheer amount of maps and games to take into account, but the ambition should pay off. I’m very looking forward to the games at 60fps and 1080p. Especially 3 and 4, being minor upgrades to the existing games. On an unrelated note, it is like FFXII being run on a PC at 1080p, absolutely spectacular, just run on shitty hardware. If they made a remake of that game it would finally convince me to get a PS4 as well as the Xbone I currently possess.


do you ever have a plan for the day and suddenly it’s 4pm and you’ve achieved literally nothing 

Except today, where after a week I finally trimmed my beard. That was still seven days or more of “I’m going to trim my beard today.”

Of Trains and Such

As I’ve no doubt said many times, whenever I hear the song “Trains” by Porcupine Tree I am taken back to Year 11, specifically our trip to Jindabyne. I would listen to Arriving Somewhere But Not Here with my friend Greg every morning on the bus on the way to the tube up to the ski fields, and that was the year I was introduced to Porcupine Tree, specifically Trains. There is such a strong mood and feeling to this time of my life that in Year 12 when I was bored in English I started writing a story based on just that particular feeling. It was triggered by Trains playing on my iPod (which I was listening to at the time thanks to having long hair and hiding my headphones down the back of my shirt, and always sitting next to the wall) and so I started writing a story just to try and extend that feeling.
Of course, the story never went anywhere, but five years later I still can chance upon that feeling when it hits me so strongly I have to often stop what I am doing and just experience it for a moment. All in a second I am hit with a rush of emotions I was feeling at the time, mostly emptiness, but a lot of other things too. I kind of miss having such a stupid amount of emotions in a short timespan. My life is mostly devoid of such a rush of emotions, so I try and hold on to anything I can get.
As an example of how dull my life is, I have written a post along these exact same lines numerous times in the last few years, and still I have nothing more interesting to add.
I could sit and write several essays on my experiences in America, but I just don’t feel it in me to explore that. I’ve become such a recluse that I prefer not talking to people about it (partially because I am too honest, and when I was asked a few hours ago by a friend from uni if I had made lifelong friends, I replied “maybe” and then “probably not”, because I honestly don’t think I did. I didn’t belong to a group or have a partner in crime, I was just friends with everyone to a certain extent) and though I often talk at length about camp, I keep it to the positives or extrinsic parts of camp. In several years I will reminisce and all, like I used to with School Spec (being part of a crappy one changed things for me, while I was extremely lucky to be a tutor in another one, it happened to be the first shit one in god knows how long) but for now I am all too aware of how I didn’t have a best friend on camp, and often I still felt very alone. The closest person I had to me cared more about trying to skype his girlfriend and playing pokemon and thinking about getting home than making new friends at camp. He went back for a second year and his situation was completely different, meaning he wanted to be home more than at camp. I’m a little worried about that happening if I go back, which I plan to, but I seriously doubt I’ll have a girlfriend to miss. It most likely won’t live up to my original expectations. There’ll also be a different head pool, which will make things entirely different.
Anyway. It was nice feeling those emotions from years ago. I don’t like who I was, but it was nice going back for a brief nostalgia trip.
My rants are always awful and disconnected, I know. I just don’t tumble that much (or that well) anymore. I’ve got so much time to waste, and so little patience for timewasting activities, like Tumblr and Minecraft. Well, Tekkit, That was one of the biggest timewasters of all time. I miss it.

So a girl at work was talking about a guy she was seeing, and then referring back to her ex, who she said was a man-child, and she kept saying she wanted a Man. I had to continue on the conversation about man-children while internally cringing because by just about every pre-conceived notion I myself would not be considered a Man, but a man-child (if not just a child).

I am more than a handful of years behind. How does one catch up?



The Meme of our Years.

this post is beautiful


this is fucking hilarious


this is fucking hilarious


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